Big Brother 15 Backyard Interviews: Apologies Galore

Big Brother 15 Apologies Apologize
Big Brother 15 winner Andy during the backyard interviews
The Big Brother 15 houseguests interviewed with Jeff Schroeder for the backyard interviews last night after the finale and it was a great big #Apologyfest2013.

Kaitlin, Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie (am I missing anyone?) all apologized for saying offensive or "stupid" things while on the Big Brother 15 live feeds.

It was pretty obvious that CBS instructed Jeff to make sure houseguests apologize to the live feeders, and it was also apparent that the houseguests were told to make their apologies. When GinaMarie started going on about Nick and her biggest move, blah, blah, Jeff gently reminded her she had an apology to make.

Kaitlin mostly apologized for her treatment of Elissa, and I'm pretty sure it was only to appease Elissa's fans and the Brenchel Army. Aaryn apologized to Texas, and Amanda, you could just tell, hated making an apology. She's not exactly one to make apologies for anything.

The Big Brother 15 backyard interviews apologies with Jeff Schroeder were pretty fluffy, but we expected that because CBS is running the show, and is controlling what Jeff says and does. He didn't ask the harder questions because he wasn't exactly allowed to. So if you're pissed at him, don't be, be pissed at CBS. (Hopefully some other interviewers in the backyard asked the tougher questions.)

There has been even more apologizing on Twitter:
What did you think of all the apologies? Who was sincere, who wasn't?

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