Big Brother 15's Aaryn Gries 'Unapologetic' Says Liza Stinton of BBCan

Big Brother Aaryn Gries Liza Stinton Fight
BB15's Aaryn is not sorry for her actions, says Liza
Okay, now that the Big Brother 15 season is over it's time for the real drama!

Every single Big Brother fan I know has been waiting for the time when the BB15 houseguests would leave the house and own up to some of their nastiness inside the house. There are a handful of houseguests we could talk about from there, but specifically let's discuss Aaryn Gries.

The blond, petite model from Texas spewed some vile things from her mouth while in the house, we all heard and saw it. She was a super sh*t talker who liked to bring people's nationalities into her bitchy rants.

But ever since Aaryn Gries had her little exit interview with Julie Chen she has been apologetic. But that's what happens when Aaryn is in front of a camera, or is doing an interview.

I haven't met Aaryn personally (it's almost a relief we didn't do the live feeds this season), so I can't say I have witnessed any behaviors that prove she's not truly remorseful. However, other former Big Brother houseguests have, and one of them is cryptically (hardly) speaking/Tweeting about it.

Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton GOES THERE. 

While in Las Vegas for the Big Brother 15 Wrap Party, Liza obviously got to know Aaryn Gries on a personal level. Apparently Aaryn's ego is huge, and she is absolutely unapologetic, this according to Liza. Liza also says that Aaryn brags about how much publicity she is getting due to her racist comments and says Aaryn is an "awful example of humanity."

Read on to see her tweets:

And just for the record, I spoke with a former Big Brother houseguest (who will remain anonymous) and he/she told me this: "Oh boy - the whole Aaryn vs. Liza thing. I think it's hysterical because Liza is a DRAMA queen!"

Whose side are you on? Team Aaryn or Team Liza?

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