Big Brother 15's Aaryn Gries Might Write A Book

Big Brother Aaryn Gries Writing a Book
Will Big Brother's Aaryn Gries write a book to "help others"?
Big Brother 15's controversial Texas model Aaryn Gries says she is already thinking about writing a book about her experiences this summer.

But she won't be writing about the game of Big Brother, or how to get on a reality TV show, instead, she'll be writing about how to not let your mouth get you in trouble. Or something like that.

During her rounds of post Big Brother finale interviews, Aaryn spoke with The Hollywood Reporter. They asked her about her future plans in life. You would think Aaryn would then talk about furthering her career, or upcoming travel plans or something, but no. She said she is considering writing a book.

"I'm thinking about a book. I'm hoping to help other people learn from my experience and not get themselves into a similar situation. We'll see." - Aaryn Gries 

Hmmm...methinks Aaryn needs a break from the media (and from the wrap party scene). She should go home, watch the damn season alone, and as much as the live feeds as possible, and let it soak in. Then she should think before she talks, because even with her high-priced publicists she needs a farking muzzle, not a book.

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