Big Brother 15: Judd Quit the Veto (POV) Competition

Big Brother Judd Quits POV Veto
Did Judd quit the Veto Competition (POV)?
It's Monday, and the POV ceremony will be held sometime today. Spencer is expected to replace McCrae (who won POV) with Judd, and it's Judd who is most likely to be evicted this week.

The POV competition this week was a puzzle, and during the veto competition Judd quit. Yes, QUIT. Of course we'll have to wait until it airs to see what exactly happened, but the Big Brother 15 houseguests have been talking about Judd quitting over the weekend on the Big Brother live feeds. Here are a couple of examples:

SEPT 7, 7:43PM CAMS 1/2

Spencer whispers to McCrae: "At this point in the game would you just ever stop?! Wasn't that weird?"

McCrae responds: "He told me that during his preseason interviews, that if it [competition] was a puzzle, that he'd just sit down during it. But to me, it's like, dude, it's a puzzle. There's 20 pieces..."

GinaMarie and McCrae talk about Judd quitting POV comp

SEPT 7, 11:37 CAMS 3/4

McCrae - "I don't get why he wouldn't fight for it."

Gina Marie - "You know, I hate that shit. I know that he smokes, or he does whatever, but you smoke too and you won the damn thing."

McCrae: "I smoke way more!"

GinaMarie: - "I know he gets frustrated but I was telling him, 'Judd, you can't act like that.'Who goes into production and yells? I'm like, 'Dude, you know how much these people care about us?' You can't be yelling.."


GinaMarie says Judd wants to rush when dealing with comps. She says she wants to make sure she understands the directions, she looks everything over really good, etc. She adds that Judd, "just don't comprehend that. I don't know if it's the medication he's on, I don't know."

McCrae - "I feel that it could be some kind of game move....if he does crazy in competitions, where like, he'll give up competitions, then maybe....we'll think of him as weak."

GM: "I just don't like him quitting. Even if you want to go slower, just don't give up."

What do you think about Judd quitting the POV veto competition? Do you lose respect for a Big Brother player when they quit something?

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