Big Brother 15: The Saga, Aaryn's Eviction

 I always look forward to Wil Heuser's Big Brother 15: The Saga episodes and this week may possibly be the most outrageous episode yet.

Aaryn's eviction!

This week Wil's video is a dance club mix, or maybe what Big Brother 15 would be like if it were an off-the-wall musical. It's quirky, "out there," and super creative. I fricking love it.

Amanda in her one-piece, Elissa singing, "You look like a whore," dancing klansman celebrating Aaryn's time on the show ("we from Texas we can do what we want"), Julie Chen singing, "B-U-T-F-I-R-S-T..."
"In a vote of cornbread to collard greens, Aaryn, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house...Whatchu gonna do gurl?" - Wil Heuser as Julie Chen
Besides Big Brother 15 current events, Wil also manages to sneak some crazy pop culture into his video. Specifically Miley Cyrus and her ridiculous MTV VMAs performance where she makes a complete fool of herself. But really, Miley is Aaryn in this video.

Oh yeah, and Paula Deen has a cameo as well.

Big Brother 15 The Saga Aaryn Evicted

What do you think of this episode of Big Brother 15: The Saga?

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