Aaryn Gries Fired, But Has Six Modeling Agencies Waiting

Aaryn Gries Fired But Has Lots of Jobs Ahead
Big Brother's Aaryn Gries says she has tons of modeling agencies after her
Big Brother 15's Aaryn Gries was the first houseguest to tick off the nation, and it was early in the season when we learned that she had been fired from her job at a modeling agency, Zephyr Talent Agency in Austin, Texas.

But since Aaryn made it to the Big Brother 15 jury house, she only learned last night that she had been fired. So what was Aaryn's response? She doesn't seem to mind. She has numerous other modeling agencies looking to hire her.

From ETOnline:

ETonline: As a result of your comments Zephyr Talent Agency has let you go. 
Aaryn Gries: I really wasn't actively working for them and we were on the rocks before I even came here. But I have six new agencies that want to interview me, so, I'm OK.  
ETonline: GinaMarie and Spencer also lost jobs. 
Aaryn Gries: Oh my gosh, I had no idea they lost their jobs. That's ... I guess it doesn't surprise me a lot. But, wow. That's crazy. I did not realize this was taken that seriously. 

And what does Aaryn have to say about her exit interview with Julie Chen...and the live audience booing her?

Oh god. I had just been evicted, and I was not expecting that. I was expecting to talk about my wins and my game. I was not expecting that. I did not expect to have my words taken as seriously as they were. Never in my life have I had people watching me all the time. I did not realize. It caught me off guard. I don't remember what I said, but I should have never brought Texas up. I was so overwhelmed. It was a mistake.

Hmmm...not too sure about the six modeling agencies all rushing to hire Aaryn at the moment, but I'm sure, after some time, her career will resume.

Do you think Aaryn is truly sorry for the way she acted in the Big Brother 15 house? 

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