Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman on The Soup

Big Brother 15 GinaMarie Zimmerman on The Soup
BB15's GinaMarie made fun of on The Soup
The Soup's Joel McHale poked fun at Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman and her infatuation with Nick Uhas.

Joel McHale: "Big Brother ended, and sure, everyone already talked about the winner, Andy, but the real story was runner-up, GinaMarie. As you recall, she was obsessed with housemate, Nick, who she knew for about 3-weeks before he was evicted. However, he returned for the finale and GinaMarie was filled with blood-curdling excitement..."


"In the classic novel, Of Mice and Men, mentally challenged Lenny does not know his own strength and accidentally kills the soft, beautiful little puppy he loves by merely stroking it to death.Which is to say, enjoy your last hours, Nick."

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