Survivor Season 27 Cast Announced for 'Blood vs. Water'

Survivor Season 27 Cast Photo
Survivor Blood vs. Water Cast Photo
The cast for Survivor Season 27 Blood vs. Water has been officially announced and cast photos have been released. Here's the lineup:

Survivor Season 27 Cast Tina Wesson

Tina Wesson -  Winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback
Katie Collins - Tina's daughter

Survivor Season 27 Cast Hayden Kat

Hayden Moss - Winner Big Brother 12
Kat Edorsson - Survivor: One World

Laura Morett - Survivor: Samoa
Ciera Easton - Laura's daughter

Ciera is NEVER going to make it. Watch her video (link below), before the game even started she was already homesick and bawling. Ugh.

Survivor Season 27 Gervase Marissa

Gervase Peterson - Survivor Borneo
Marissa Peterson - Gervase's niece

Colton Cumbie - Survivor: Redemption  Island
Calen Bankston - Colton's boyfriend (fiance)

Survivor Season 27 Monica Brad Culpepper

Monica Culpepper - Survivor: One World
Brad Culpepper - Monica's hubby, former NFL player

Survivor Season 27 Cast Rupert

Rupert Boneham - Survivor Pearl Islands, All Stars, Heroes vs. Villains
Laura Boneham - Wife

Survivor Season 27 Cast Aras Vytas

Aras Baskauskas - Winner Survivor: Panama
Vytas Baskauskas - Brother

Survivor Season 27 Candice John Cody

Candice Cody - Survivor Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains
John Cody - Husband

Survivor Season 27 Cast Tyson Apostol

Tyson Apostol - Survivor: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains
Rachel Foulger - Girlfriend

Watch ALL the Survivor Season 27 Blood vs. Water cast videos over at EW.

Who are you most excited to watch? I have to admit I am curious to see how Hayden plays the game and I absolutely adore Kat. I'm a big fan of Tyson as well, I dig his smartass humor. Also, you just KNOW Colton will bring the attitude! Should be a good season.

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