Racist Aaryn Calls Candice 'Aunt Jemima'

Aaryn Calls Candice Aunt Jemima on Big Brother

The racist comments just keep trickling out of the mouth of Big Brother 15's Aaryn - and GinaMarie. More racist comments were made on the BB15 Live Feeds early this morning, with both Aaryn and GinaMarie calling Candice 'Aunt Jemima,' and saying she should go make them pancakes. Just like the Helen/Rice thing...

2:02AM CAM 1 & 2 - AUGUST 1

GinaMarie, Aaryn and Judd are all in the HOH bed talking smack about Candice. Aaryn suggests GinaMarie should sh** in her bed. "That would be so bad, I would SO get in trouble," says GinaMarie.

"Like, make the biggest fart on her pillow. Like, I just want you to save up a fart," Aaryn says. She loves conjuring up disgusting scenarios about Candice.

"No!" interjects Judd. "Because I have to sleep in that room."

"She's going to project it all into Candice's pillow," Aaryn assures Judd.

Judd says he was worried that Candice was going to have a house meeting aimed at GinaMarie, not Spencer. When asked why, he says "because you looked at her mean one day." Judd pussed out. You KNOW he was thinking 'because of your racist remarks!'

Aaryn tells Judd he's a bullshitter (my words, not hers.)

GinaMarie informs them that the only time she talks to Candice is to say 'good morning,' or something like that.

"Hey Aunt Jemima, go make me some pancakes," Aaryn chimes in. It comes out of nowhere.

Racist Aaryn Calls Candice Aunt Jemima
Aaryn looks at Candice on the big screen and says, "Hey, Aunt Jemima, go make me some pancakes."
GinaMarie repeats it, "Aunt Jemima.." then she talks about having to fart. She is vile. Just vile. She's also NO better than Aaryn when it comes to making racist comments. In fact, I think GinaMarie is the worst offender. Why isn't CBS showing her comments too?

Aaryn continues. Her voice getting more demanding. "Make me pancakes....with syrup....and a waffle....and some french toast...."

Judd says he's going to bed. I think the racist remarks are making him uncomfortable. Aaryn and GM sit in the HOH bed, watching the big screen, making fun of Candice. (They're shocked to see that Judd did NOT go to bed, he just wanted to get away from them, heh.)

Aaryn and GinaMarie simultaneously mock Candice.

GinaMarie: "Howard, whatchu doin' boo?"

They go back and forth then GinaMarie decides she wants to get the oven mitts and use them as hand puppets, to further mock Candice. She heads downstairs but then stops herself at the HOH bedroom door.

"...or maybe I shouldn't. Because they're (the oven mitts) BLACK."

I turned it off. If more was said after that, I didn't catch it.
Sometimes you just gotta turn this crap off.

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