Julie Chen Before & After Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen Before After Plastic Surgery
Hot mama Julie Chen plastic surgery before and after photos
Julie Chen, or "Chenbot" as she is known as in the Big Brother community, is pure perfection.

I had the good fortune of being able to interview Julie before the Big Brother 14 season and let's just say she is flawless. Perfect hair, smile, posture, it's all there. She's simply stunning. But has she had a little help (plastic surgery) along the way? Let's take a look.


Julie Chen Before Plastic Surgery BB2
Julie Chen, episode one Big Brother 2
Okay, so I'm not claiming to know exactly what procedures Chenbot has had, if any, but one thing's for sure, her looks have definitely been "fine tuned" over the years.


I scrounged up this little gem below. Julie at a formal dance in her younger years. Then there's the photo from her early anchor days, but I think we've all seen that pic:

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before After Pics
Julie definitely before having any plastic surgery
These days Julie's nose seems to have been chiseled a bit (just the tip, heh), her lips may have been collagen-plumped, there is definitely botox going on, and she may or may not have had lid surgery.

Of course Julie has UH-mazing makeup artists who are skilled at contouring and concealing, and much of Julie's flawless look is due to that factor.

Julie Chen Before After Plastic Surgery Photos
Julie Chen after plastic surgery, or just really good makeup?
This season on Big Brother everyone is making fun of Aaryn's eyebrows, but omg, Julie's eyebrows in the 1990s, super weird! However, I'll give her some credit, that was 'the look' back then. But cripes, her brows looks a million times better these days.

Love ya, Chenbot. With, or without, the plastic surgery.

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