Big Brother's Hayden Moss to be on Survivor: 'Blood vs. Water'

Big Brother Hayden Moss On Survivor Season 27
Big Brother 12's Hayden Moss and girlfriend, Survivor's Kat Edorsson

The rumors were true, Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss is set to appear on the upcoming season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

We've heard the rumors for quite some time now but today they were confirmed, and we know that Hayden Moss and his girlfriend, Survivor: One World star Kat Edorsson, will both be on Season 27.

Big Brother fans have discussed the possibility of a show crossover many times, but never has a Big Brother star also been cast for Survivor, or vice-versa.

Jeff Probst dished that Hayden was nearly cast for Survivor before he was ever cast for Big Brother.

“We met with him for Survivor. He made it all the way to our finals. Hayden and I met. We were in the room talking and for whatever reason, I can’t even remember now, it just didn’t work out. Either we had somebody like him, I don’t know. And the next thing I know he’s on Big Brother! If you had just waited five minutes we would have put you on Survivor!”

Hayden's time has come, and it's a reality show first. Congrats, Hayden! Do you think he's got a shot at a million bucks?

Watch a video of Hayden and Kat talking about Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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