Big Brother Canada Season 2 Casting Calls

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Casting
BB Canada is NOW casting for Season 2

On Wednesday night's episode of BB15 we saw a new commercial for Big Brother Canada with the lovely Gary Glitter announcing that they are already casting for Season 2.

It appears that Big Brother Canada will be visiting more cities this season, but as always, you can also apply to be a BBCan houseguest online. Make sure you have good lighting, energy, and don't mumble!

Sorry Americans, but we are NOT eligible, so if you go to a casting call, all you'll get to do is take photos. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in order to be considered.

What cities will Big Brother Canada Season 2 be conducting their casting calls? Take a look:

Vancouver, British Columbia - September 8 at Metropolis at Metrotown
Edmonton, Alberta - September 14  at West Edmonton Mall
Halifax, Nova Scotia- September 20 at Halifax Shopping Centre
St. John's, Newfoundland - September 21 at Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland
Montreal, Quebec - September 27 at Le Centre Montreal Sheraton
Toronto, Ontario - October 19 at John Bassett Theatre

Let's hope BBCan's Season 2 is as good as Season 1. I loved their casting! I really wish BBUS would cast more diverse groups, but after this season's disaster of a cast, I'm pretty sure they will.

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