Big Brother 15: The Saga Episode 9

Big Brother 15 The Saga Wil Heuser Ep9
Andy the Rat
Big Brother 14's Wil Heuser is back with yet another episode of Big Brother 15: The Saga! On Episode 9, Wil makes fun of how loooong this season seems to be lasting. The worst Big Brother season ever is lasting a lifetime.

"It's been 9000 days since the houseguests first entered the Big Brother house, and tonight we'll get one more eviction closer to ending this game that seems to never end. But first..." -Wil as Julie Chen


Also highlighted in this spoof is Andy the Rat, Amanda & her headband, GinaMarie and that ratpile of hair, Elissa, who throws a drink in Amanda's face, and the four jury members (Judd, Helen, Jessie and Candice the Clown).

We also get to see a bit of Wil's singing abilities, as a liquor swilling lounge singer. His song? "Show that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends..."

Love it!

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