Big Brother 15: The Saga, Episode 6

Big Brother 14 The Saga Wil Heuser Episode 6
BB15: The Saga, Wil spoofs GinaMarie, Elissa & Judd

The 6th episode of Wil Heuser's Big Brother 15: The Saga is out and in it Wil pokes fun of GinaMarie's HOH win.

Reenacting the latest HOH competition Wil spoofs GinaMarie and her "I just want my hair dye," comments as well as Elissa's struggle at the beginning of the competition. He also does a great Judd!

The BB15 houseguests are definitely giving Wil a ton of material this season. No shortage of things to spoof.

"Tune in next week for Lord knows what..." - Wil as Julie Chen

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