Big Brother 15 Rules Don't Apply to Elissa?

Big Brother 15 Rules Broken By Elissa
BB15's McCrae talking about Elissa calling her husband
One of the things we love about Big Brother is that the houseguests are completely cut off from the outside world. Right? But if you are Elissa Slater, perhaps the rules don't apply to you?

McCrae was heard saying Wednesday evening that Elissa was allowed to call her husband. As soon as he said it the Big Brother live feeds cut to FISH.

Big Brother also seems to be bending other rules for Elissa as well. As a Have-Not she is not allowed to have pillows or blankets as she sleeps in the Have-Not bedroom. But she ended up with a down comforter as she slept Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. Do you think production is catering to her?

AUG 21 9:51PM CAM 1

Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and Andy talking in the HOH bedroom. They're all Elissa bashing. Aaryn and Amanda discuss how Elissa "knows things." "There's a lot of things that I don't know how she knew," says Aaryn. 'She came up to me a lot of times and asked me questions about.."

"Cause when you f***in' cry enough and get to call your husband he's gonna tell you everything he's seen on the show."


Earlier in the day...

Big Brother 15 Rules Of The Game
BB15: Houseguests hate Elissa's alleged preferential treatment

AUG 21 2:15PM CAM 3/4

Amanda vents to McCrae, Spender and Andy about how pissed she is that Elissa got to use a down comforter while sleeping in the Have Not bedroom.. "You know what though, honestly, I'm f***ing sick of it. She brings in hair dye, I'm sick that she..."

"The down comforter," Andy chimes in.

"The down comforter!" Amanda agrees. "Where I can't lay on soft surfaces. Like, come the f*** on! To be honest with you, she was complaining about slop. How it gave her allergies...I haven't really seen her EAT."

Andy adds, "If she is portrayed like she thinks, like America loves her, I'm going to also kill myself."

Do you think Elissa is getting preferential treatment to keep her in the house?

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