Big Brother 15: Is McCrae Over Amanda?

Big Brother 15 McCrae Amanda Eviction
BB15: Will McCrae turn on Amanda?

On Wednesday night's Big Brother 15 we saw McCrae's diary room sessions and it's apparent that he knows Amanda is going to be bad for his game.

Up until last week Amanda has been good for McCrae's game, but now that the tables are turning he seems open to dropping her. But dropping Amanda won't be easy for McCrae, because the two have been hooked up since week one, way back when he won the first HOH. And we all know how bossy and bitchy Amanda can be, so if McCrae wants to drop her, he should do it in tonight's double eviction if given the opportunity.

I had no idea McCrae was even considering the "breakup" until watching his DR sessions. But knowing that, and seeing how he did NOT want to have sex with her last night, I am pretty sure he is going through scenarios trying to figure out how to get her out of the house. Wouldn't it be sweet if he had a hand in her going home tonight?

So yeah, let's talk about last night's sex on the BB15 live feeds

AUG 8, 12:45PM CAM 3

Amanda and McCrae are in bed and Amanda wants to have sex again. McCrae says "no," repeatedly, usually with a little laugh. Amanda asks "why...?" while trying to seduce him. McCrae says he wants to talk game. (No, more like he is done with her emotionally and probably physically as well. Honeymoon is OVER!)

Amanda starts to climb on top of him and McCrae says "no," again. Amanda barks, "YES!" Her tone of voice is bossy, demanding. McCrae gives in and they have boring sex (with Amanda on top) while talking about everything other than sex. I think McCrae was detaching himself from the situation.

I think if McCrae has the chance to evict Amanda tonight, he'll DO IT. Do you?


  1. I sure hope he does! Or else he is going to ruin the game for himself by being associated with her.

  2. So in other words we just witnessed our first bb rape lol

    1. I was thinking the same thing! What part of NO did she not understand.

    2. Yeah... no IS NO. Poor pizza delivery boy...it's gonna be hard to escape that broad's grip...

  3. I imagine having sex with her is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway

  4. Did she use her strapon on him? Or did she use his dick she stole from him

  5. I wish he'd get with Candice Elisse & Jess, Judd to get her out

  6. I think his face says it all in that pic on top.

  7. It seems amanada is still wearing her domanectris outfit on..on the inside...ready for a whipping mcrae....ouch...or should be say pussywhipped.......get out while u still have a spine....cauae ur balls went out of the park....

  8. Really amanda.....no one wants to c ur fatass and cellulite....gorl u need to check urself b4 u wreck urself.....oh my bad u r a wreck...smeone plezzz call 911....mcrae u deserve better...stick to the pizza deleveries...maybe demanda could spare her cottage cheese 4a pizza topping....oooooowwww...yuck......