Big Brother 15 Candice's Eviction Speech Was LOL

BB15 Candice's Epic Eviction Speech on Double Eviction Night
Although her speech was sort of a jumbled mess, it was all in the delivery. Wearing her clown suit, Candice left her mark in the Big Brother books Thursday night with her eviction speech.

"Well, I came here to play a game, and this week it became personal when GinaMarie said very defamatory and harsh comments against me. So, you know, you called me a rat and I don't.."

GinaMarie interrupts, "Because you.."

"I'm talking! I don't know if where you live in New York, at your mom's house at 33-years of age, if that's what they look like, but they look like YOU and not ME because I'm fabulous. Thank you, I'll see you all at jury and I love all of you ... (unintelligible, but I think she says "especially") ... you, you and you!"

She sits down.

GinaMarie is yapping through the entire speech. "Your 30-seconds is up...30-seconds is up! 30-seconds is UP!" " Then she waved Nick's hat in the air in said, "That's why I put your ass up there."

We think Candice eviction speech is over, and it was, but Candice and GinaMarie's fight continued, while on *live* TV.

"And you're psycho for carrying around a boy's hat who would NEVER like you in real life! Take your contacts out, and your tongue ring..."

(If you missed it, GinaMarie got her digs in and REALLY took a low blow to Candice after she was evicted.)

Chenbot is losing her shit. "GinaMarie, GinaMarie! ... Alright, enough from both of you ... LADIES! ... Spencer, take it away! ... Spencer, it is your turn!"

What did you think about Candice's eviction speech?

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