Big Brother 15: Amanda Petition Hits The Net

Big Brother 15 Amanda Petition
Big Brother 15 - Amanda Haters Petition To Remove
So long Aaryn, Amanda is by far the most hated houseguest in the BB15 house.

There are some Big Brother 15 fans who think Amanda should be removed from the game, and a new petition created by a fan is going viral with Amanda haters in the Big Brother community.

Robin Ellis Humphrey is the fan who created the petition, and as of the time I write this there are more than 5,500 signatures.

This is a portion of what the Amanda petition states:

Amanda Zuckerman is on the reality show Big Brother. She is a horrible bully. She threatened to kill Elissa in her sleep. She spent hours today following her around the house harassing her. Horrible bullying behavior and many of us are sick to death of watching it go on and we want something done NOW!  .... And I would hope this is not the type of behavior you wish to promote.  This petition was started because there are a lot of us out here in TV land that feel something needs to be done.  So now the ball is in your court.

You can see the Amanda petition in it's entirety over at

What do you think of this petition?

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