Big Brother 15: Amanda and Aaryn Fight After a Little Alcohol

Big Brother 15 Amanda Aaryn Fight
Big Brother 15 Amanda & Aaryn fight
There was a bit of drama in the BB15 house Sunday night with Amanda and Aaryn fighting after Aaryn got her buzz on. Use the Big Brother 15 live feeds flashback using the following times:

AUG 18 10:43 PM CAM 1 & 2
Amanda and Aaryn are talking about Jeremy and how he drank all the wine at the beginning of the season. They're in the kitchen. GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are also around. Aaryn is still miffed that everyone made her out to be the bad guy in the situation. Andy says he regrets not laying into Jeremy about that.
Amanda says that Aaryn called her "cun*y" back then...

10:48PM CAMS 1 & 2
Andy has a mug of wine. "How many gulps can I drink this in?" he asks. He thinks 4 or 5. McCrae says 3, GinaMarie guesses 7. Andy takes one small gulp and says "One," then he adds, I can take breaks between gulps." So much for the champion guzzler of the house.
Spencer jokes that Andy is being "cun*y." If you listen in the background you can hear Aaryn say to Amanda, "You called me cun*y first."
"I was joking with you, first of all," says Amanda. "I didn't even say your name. If I had said your name that would have been even more cun*y."
"I feel differently..." responds Aaryn.

"I feel like when you drink you get a little fiesty," Amanda is heard saying to Aaryn.

Aaryn and Spencer are in the HOH bedroom. Andy is drunk from his wine. "You just need to go with the Amanda flow, I've learned that since being aligned with Amanda since Day 4. But the good thing about Amanda is, being aligned with Amanda, basically Amanda keeps the target on herself, nonstop."
Aaryn vents to Andy, saying Amanda called her an actual cun*, when she called something Amanda did cun*y. Like there's a difference.
"She got THAT defensive about it, makes me wanna be like, 'okay, so when you called me an actual cun*...that was fine."
She continues venting to Andy. She tells him she never says to people's faces what bothers her about them. She also says she doesn't "give pretend loyalties," and that Amanda does.
"Don't tell Amanda and McCrae this, but I would rather have a final 3 with you and GinaMarie than any of them," Aaryn dishes.
Soon after, Andy says he has been aligned with McCranda since week one, and they are totally loyal. He thinks they will be loyal to Aaryn as well.

11:09PM CAM 1&2
"Hi!" Amanda pops her head into the HOH bathroom where Aaryn and Andy are. "Are you like, mad right now?"
"No," Aaryn says.
"You swear? Then why did you come up here and not come back down?"
"Because I came here to pee and I was listening to music because I have a buzz and I shouldn't be talking."
"That is legitimately what we were talking about," Andy says to Amanda. He's such a weasel, heh.
"Oh, so why shouldn't you be talking? Because you're starting shit with me?" Amanda laughs.
"I wasn't even starting shit with you, I wasn't even talking about something that had anything to do with say that I victimize myself and I always bring everything back to me.." Aaryn's voice is super whiny.
Amanda steamrolls, "Someone said that I was being cun*y..."
"Me, I said that. But you said that I was a cun* for the first two weeks," Aaryn admits.
Amanda justifies herself. "But you know I was kidding around with you when I said that. But you said yourself that you were purposefully being bitchy." She also says Aaryn shouldn't wait until she's buzzed to vent her frustrations.

11:13PM CAM 1&2
The black fish/white fish/segregation (Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about) conversation from ages ago comes up. Amanda says she was never trying to call Aaryn a racist, but...."If you had said 'separation,' that would have been different."
The fight gets a little heated with both pointing fingers at the other, back and forth, like a tennis match.
However, both swear they are friends despite the fight they're having.
The conversation comes full circle and they argue again about the wine incident with Jeremy. Amanda rips into Aaryn about drinking some of it, saying she did wrong. Aaryn says the entire house hated her, so basically, tough titty. "Anytime I try and defend myself you tell me I'm a victim and that pisses me off."
Amanda says Aaryn is turning things around to place blame on her when she's done nothing wrong.
"You're the one who drank that wine. It's your fault. you KNEW it would have repercussions."
Amanda eventually storms out of the room. "I'm not even having this conversation anymore. I mean, what's the point?"

AUG 19 12:30AM
Aaryn talking to Helen and Andy about putting up Amanda in the HOH bedroom.

Amanda storms up to the HOH bedroom. "Let's just squash this right now so we're not like, talking sh*t about each other." Helen and Andy leave the room.
Amanda says she loves Aaryn and this fight is stupid. She doesn't want Helen & Elissa taking advantage of the fight and somehow using it to get her put up on the block.
Aaryn says she thinks Amanda wants GinaMarie out before Spencer, and Aaryn isn't cool with that. Amanda denies it, says she wants Spencer out first. Aaryn tells her that's not what Andy told her.
The discussion continues for more than an hour. Check out the Big Brother 15 live feeds flashback feature to watch the fight in it's entirety.

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