Big Brother 15: 'McCranda' Sketch

Big Brother 15 Amanda & McCrae McCranda
BB15's 'McCranda',  McCrae in a headlock, sketch by Spicy

Just for fun, I whipped up this little sketch of Big Brother 15's Amanda and McCrae, also known as 'McCranda'.

This sketch portrays Amanda as the "man-eater" McCrae said she was Sunday on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds.

Amanda expects McCrae to throw comps for her, follow her around the house, and do as she says (especially in the bedroom). She's a seductress who is trying to control McCrae's every move, personally, and in the game. Amanda's feelings for McCrae may be true, but she's so overpowering, and she's such a steamroller, that she is suffocating him. So in other words, I think this is an accurate portrayal of their relationship in the Big Brother 15 house.

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