McCrae Has a Sorta Girlfriend Named Jessica

Big Brother 15 McCrae Girlfriend Jessica
Big Brother 15: McCrae says he is thinking about Jessica...a lot

It seems absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Despite being in a sex-heavy relationship with Amanda in the Big Brother 15 house, McCrae's thoughts are often with Jessica, a girl back home in Minnesota.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Flashback: SUNDAY 5:57PM CAM 1/2

McCrae and Andy are in the HOH bedroom and McCrae tells Andy,  "Your story last night, about your ex, not Kevin, I feel the exact same way here," he points at the ground. "Don't tell Amanda, just between me and you, that's exactly how I feel here, where it's like, 'ahh f**k,' and I know that she's [Jessica] watching, like super suuuuucks."

He adds that he is worried she is watching all episodes, and witnessing his relationship with Amanda. "The hardest part is knowing that she's like, tuning in every episode, and then she sees something like me and Amanda and she's probably like, 'f**k!' and she's pissed off."

"And what's her name? asks Andy.



Once the feeds return McCrae is still talking about Jessica. He says his University of Minnesota shirt reminds him of Jessica, she graduated from there. He obviously has a lot of guilt about both his relationships, with Jessica and Amanda, . "It f***ing sucks," he tells Andy.

Andy asks what we all we're thinking. "What do you think will happen with Amanda [after the show]?"

"I don't know. There is a part of me that does think she's playing me almost."

McCrae then compares he and Amanda to Jeff and Jordan. He says that one person in the relationship cares more about the game than the other. One was scouted, while the other "cared more about the game." He also mentions Brenchel. "He [Brendon] didn't care as much. He'd rather be with Rachel than win the game. And with me and Amanda, I feel like we're BOTH here to win. So there's this weird trust thing...I feel like I can never really 100% trust her but at the same time I know that I have to."

He continues, "I don't know whats going to happen after this...she says she's totally in love with me and we're getting married..."

"I think she really likes you a lot," says Andy. He adds that Amanda gets pissy if she goes into a room and McCrae doesn't follow her.

"She's a f***ing man-eater.....I'm like the girl in the relationship, really. I don't know how to describe it. I'm like the weaker one....I don't know what's going to happen after this. She wants me to move to Florida..."

The conversation returns to Jessica, "I think thats why I have been depressed lately. I have been thinking about home, and I've been thinking about Jess a LOT."

He says he wants to give Jessica "little messages." He feels bad about the way he left. As he drove away Jessica flipped him off. The day he went into sequester and had to give up his phone he heard a bunch of text messages beeping, and he still wonders if it was her. (He also said he got Twitter updates from Hamsterwatch on his phone, could have been that too, lol.)

McCrae says that he doesn't want to lead Amanda on, but he's in a tough situation. He thanks Andy and says he is the only one he can confide in.

From the sound of it, Jessica was not officially McCrae's girlfriend. (UPDATE: Jessica and McCrae dated for a couple years, but they broke up just before he left for Big Brother 15.)

Will McCrae end up with Jessica? Or Amanda? Or NEITHER?

*To make the reading easier, I omitted the word "LIKE" from McCrae's sentences, because, like, if I hadn't, it would have, like, been a way longer, like, story. 

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