Big Brother 15: Jessie's Meltdown: Love It Or Hate It?

Big Brother 15 Jessie Has A Meltdown
Big Brother 15's Jessie has a meltdown, starts LOTS of drama!

BB15's Jessie has been on a rampage. Calling people out, starting fights and trying to go out with a bang. It all started last night around 10:53PM CAM 3 on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds.

I'm only recapping today's drama, but there is oh, so much more. Flash back to last night and you'll see what I'm talking about.

AUGUST 13 1:27PM CAM 1
Jessie tells Aaryn she wished she would have taken Spencer off the block instead of her. Because she wouldn't have thought she was more of a person than she really is. Jessie then called Aaryn a "lying, back stabbing, fake person."

Aaryn responded, "Sorry I'm a good game player, and you're going home and I'm not."

They continued fighting and Jessie said she's following in Rachel Reilly's shoes when it comes to her current gameplay. That Rachel made it to the top by annoying everyone. Aaryn snapped back, "If you're going to be anything like Rachel, as loved as her, you've gone batsh*t crazier than I thought."

"Well, if you think I'm going down calmly, than you're actually crazier than I thought." Jessie lashed back.

AUGUST 13 1:34 CAM 1
Amanda, McCrae and Jessie outside smoking. Jessie tells them her game is now, "F you, everyone." That at least she's saying everything to everyone's face and not behind closed doors. Aaryn reminds her again that she's going home and to shut the F up. "Oh, buuuurn, Aaryn. I cannot wait to see you in jury in the next two weeks," Jessie says.

Aaryn responds, "Good, Jessie! So I'm going after you, so I don't care! ... Jessie, you didn't even win the VETO, Judd did. You've won nothing in this game."


"What did Gina call you? A yappy Chihuahua? That sounds about right," Jessie is still taking stabs at Aaryn. I heard she called her an Oopma Loompa too, but I must have missed it.


After a bit Amanda asks if Jessie wants to dish anything else..

"My mission this week is to get you guys to realize that Helen was f***ing doing what she was doing last week [entertaining the thought of getting McCranda out]..."

Amanda says she believes her, that she doesn't have to do this. "Well, do you believe that Elissa was on board too?" Jessie asks.

"150%," Amanda confirms. Jessie tells Amanda & McCrae that if they keep her over Spencer he will work with Helen, not them.

"I know what you're doing, you're doing an Evel Dick," Amanda says to Jessie of her gameplay.

"So let me do it!"

Jessie gets into the shower and Elissa follows suit. Jessie says, "This hot shower feels so nice, I could stay in here for hours." She is just testing Elissa, who stays on her side of the shower with a huge grin.

Big Brother 15 Jessie's Meltdown Is LOL
Elissa ignores Jessie's meltdown, simply grins.
When Elissa gets out of the shower Jessie barks, "So what are you going to do today, Rachel's shadow?" (I heard at some point in the past day Jessie also asked Elissa who got their fake boobs first, Elissa or Rachel.)

1:59PM CAM 1
Jessie gets out of the shower. She practically rips her own hair out brushing it violently. Ladies, do NOT brush your wet hair like this!

2:22PM CAM 3/4
Aaryn, Elissa are laying by the pool. Jessie comes out and lays her towel RIGHT by Elissa's. "Hey, Rachel's shadow! You wanna tan together?" She plops down RIGHT next to Elissa, leaving her no personal space. Elissa ignores her.

"So how does it feel, being HALF the player your sister was?" Jessie says snidely.

Big Brother 15 Jessie Meltdown Rampage
Elissa and Jessie on the right
"Oh my gawd. This isn't even funny," Aaryn is not happy. Everyone ignores Jessie.

What do YOU think of Jessie's "meltdown," Big Brother 15 fans? Do you think it's good/bad gameplay? I think we can all be thankful for the drama though, at least the feeds are fun to watch again...

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