Big Brother's GinaMarie Makes Fun of Candice's Adoption

Big Brother 15's GinaMarie uses Candice's adoption as a weapon
Just when you start to feel bad for GinaMarie and her illiteracy, she does something to remind you of what a heartless bitch she can be.

On Thursday's Big Brother 15 double eviction episode, Candice was the first voted out, just like we had anticipated. But before she was voted out, she and GinaMarie got into a heated fight during Candice's eviction speech. Candice made fun of GinaMarie being 33-years old and still living at home with her mom while GinaMarie kept saying, "Your 30-seconds is up....30-seconds is up..." Then she waved Nick's hat in the air in said, "That's why I put your ass up there."

Julie Chen tries interrupting but it falls on deaf ears.

"And you're psycho for carrying around a boy's hat who would never like you in real life!" Candice adds.

Then the time comes and Candice is evicted unanimously. She says her goodbyes then heads out the door. BUT FIRST, she tells GinaMarie, "Go back to your mom's house."

GinaMarie rips back at her, "I will go back to my mom's house. At least my mom likes me, not like yours."


Did anyone else want to bitch slap GinaMarie when she said that? And here I was feeling bad for her illiteracy a couple of days ago. I wanted to jump through my TV and clock her after what she said to Candice about her adoption.

By the way, if you didn't know, Candice was reunited with her birth mother a couple of years ago on Oprah's OWN Network. It was a really touching segment. Candice's birth mother seemed remorseful for her choices, but Candice assured her that she understood why she was put up for adoption.

So take that, GinaMarie, Candice has TWO great mothers...and you still have no class.

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