Big Brother 15: The Saga, Candice the Clown!

"Ain't nobody got time for two L's," but what we do have time for is Wil Heuser's Big Brother 15: The Saga, Episode 7!

This week Candice the evil clown wreaks havoc in the Big Brother 15 house on double eviction night. Candice and GinaMarie's fight escalates, and once Candice tells GinaMarie Nick doesn't love her, GM screams in a monster's voice, "Nick Loves Me!"

Candice the clown then slashes GinaMarie with a butcher knife. There are other casualties, Elissa, Amanda, Spencer, and Aaryn gets zapped by Candice's electrically charged fingertips.

Julie Chen then steps in and kicks Candice out. "Get the hell out of MY house."


Big Brother 15 Candice Evil Clown
Wil Heuser as Candice the evil BB15 clown

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