Amanda's Spray Tan is LOL

BB15 Amanda's Spray Tan
BB15: Amanda's spray tan punishment

One thing's for certain, Amanda Zuckerman haters are LOVING the punishment she received during the most recent Veto comp. For two whole days Amanda has been getting spray tanned, whenever Big Brother 15 plays a particular song. Her punishment is called '50 Shades of Orange'.

Big Brother 15 Amanda's Spray Tan
Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman

We've watched Amanda get darker with every spray tan, turning orange, more orange, then dark brown. To make matters worse she has tan lines where her goggles were. It's not a good look. At one point GinaMarie rubbed her face on Amanda's body to try and get the spray tan on her, which isn't very shocking. Also not shocking is that Amanda said she "looks like a slave" with her spray tans. Such a classy bunch.

The spray tan punishment is nothing new in the world of Big Brother, BBUK did it two years ago to Alex Rose, who also was spray tanned until she was ridiculously dark. Only she was hand sprayed, not sprayed in a booth like Amanda.

 Are you loving Amanda's spray tan punishment or do you think it's a little harsh?

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