Big Brother 15: Amanda Zuckerman is An Actress

Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman Actress
Amanda, pre botox
Big Brother's Amanda Zuckerman has the title of Real Estate Agent, but she's also an actress. Most of you have seen her (very poor quality) reel from 2008 where she appeared on Big Shot Live (a CBS show, no doubt).

I don't remember Big Shot Live, but here's what IMDB has to say about it: 

Big Shot Live: "Fame-seekers across America will post talent reels online, recruit votes and try to win a chance to come to Hollywood for their big shot."

Here's Amanda's reel:


Amanda was also on "Shear Genius" back in 2008 as a hair model, and that same year she starred in a short film called, "Behind You." However, it seems her career as an actress was short lived, and she became involved in real estate.

Amanda also attempted some YouTube humor back in '08, but it wasn't anything that would ever go viral. Itchy butts and lip waxing. Not too exciting. Classic Amanda, she calls herself a hairy Jew in the lip video, I really think she wanted to be the new Sarah Silverman...

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