Big Brother 15: Is Amanda Pregnant by McCrae?

Everyone is buzzing about Amanda allegedly saying she is worried she may be pregnant so I decided to research this a bit to see if it's something we should all be worried about. Heh.

(By the way BB15 fans, good luck using Flashback on the Big Brother live feeds, I have been struggling with them the past couple of days. Seems if you use if for more that a few minutes it gets a little wacky.)

TUE AUG 6, 6:09PM CAM 3

Amanda and McCrae are in bed as usual and Amanda asks McCrae for a kiss. He says no, and it's most likely because he is chewing on his warts again. Yes, McCrae has warts on his hands, so when you see him chewing on them, that's what he is doing. Consuming his own flesh, his own warts. Yum, breakfast of champions!

BB15 Amanda Pregnant Big Brother 15
Nom nom!

Anyhow, McCrae refuses to kiss Amanda because he's afraid of putting warts in her mouth ("Why are you looking at my bottom lip?") and then he whispers something in her ear that we can't hear. You hear Amanda respond, "You think I will? Why would you say that?"

"I always worry about stupid shit like that," says McCrae. Then he says it's best to not talk about it.

Amanda agrees then tells him he's a worry wart. (Great choice of words!) She says she feels like she'll be getting her period soon. Let's hope!

Back on July 4th Amanda talked about getting pregnant too. "Our babies are gonna have bad posture... You're already worried I'm pregnant."

It's been about 4 weeks since Amanda's last period, so there is still hope.

I called it at the beginning of the season, I said someone is getting pregnant - we knew this cast was going to be trouble before the season even began, didn't we? On the other hand, I had no idea the gray-skinned pizza boy would be hooking up with the buxom lady boss...

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