Big Brother 15: Aaryn's Eyebrows Are Worse Than Kaitlin's Eyebrows

Big Brother 15 Aaryn's Eyebrows
Aaryn's eyebrows are a hot mess
Big Brother 15 fans are talking and tweeting about Aaryn's eyebrows, and it' no wonder; she's got the eyebrows of a scary clown!

Or of a dog, according to this awesomely hilarious tweet:
Kaitlin's eyebrows were the source of some entertainment at the beginning of the season, but really, I think her brows usually look good. Just not when crying.

Big Brother 15 Kaitlin's Eyebrows
Kaitlin's eyebrows > Aaryn's eyebrows...when not crying.

Aaryn's brows just seem to be getting better (more amusing) with time. Crooked, chicken scratch brows. It's like a 4-year old drew them on. I secretly love it.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Eyebrows

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