Big Brother 15: Aaryn Drinks Nail Polish Remover

Big Brother 15's Aaryn Drinks Nail Polish Remover
BB15's Aaryn Gries drinks nail polish remover as Spencer watches in amazement
Big Brother 15's Aaryn had an OMG moment Wednesday night on the Big Brother live feeds when she drank nail polish straight from the bottle.

And yes, she swallowed.

Now, she didn't do it on purpose, she merely picked it up, took a swig and set it down before realizing what she had done. I had to play it a few times because was so damn funny.

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Drinks Nail Polish Remover
Chug, chug, chug!

Use the BB15 live feeds flashback feature and go to:

AUG 21 7:51PM CAM 2

Helen, Aaryn, Spencer, Andy and McCrae (dead fish on the bed) are in the HOH bedroom. Aaryn and Helen are doing their nails. They are casually talking about past Big Brother seasons and their twists, as well as this season's MVP twist.

Aaryn finishes painting her nails and walks to the bathroom. She walks back, sits down, picks up the bottle of nail polish remover and takes a gulp. A pretty good sized one too. The best part was when she actually tipped her head back, heh.

As she is drinking the nail polish remover the room is silent. For some reason this adds to the hilarity of the moment for me. Spencer quietly watches her as she drinks.

"Pfffft!!!" Aaryn spits it out once she realizes what it is.

"What the fuhhh..?" says Spencer. "What did you just do that for?"

Aaryn chokes.

"Why did you take a swig of nail polish remover?" Andy asks Aaryn. Once he realizes she can't exactly talk he turns to Spencer and asks, "What did she drink it out of?"

"The bottle!" replies Spencer. "She needs to like, drink some milk!"

"Eh, she's fine. I've been poisoning her for awhile," says Andy.

"How much did you swallow?" asks Helen.

Aaryn goes to the bathroom where she rinses out her mouth while swearing.

Andy says the label instructs to liberally drink fluids and call the Poison Control Center. Helen asks if she drank a lot of it. "Yeah, I drank all that was in there."

(Don't worry, she's fine.)


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