Big Brother 15: Aaryn Cheats, is a Have-Not, Uses the HAVE Shower

Big Brother 15 Aaryn Cheats
Hey, cheater.
UPDATE: Ugh. I was wrong. Aaryn is changing in the shower, with wet hair, and Elissa has the sink on full blast, so it really does seem like Aaryn is showering. BUT....I will admit when I'm wrong, and it looks like I am. Thanks to BigBrotherNetwork for pointing out my mistake.

Big Brother 15 live feeds flashback to...Aaryn cheating.

AUGUST 13 2:54PM CAM 3/4
Look at who was busted taking a nice HOT shower in the HAVE shower. Aaryn! In case she forgot, she is a HAVE NOT this week and therefore she should be taking a cold shower on the other side. But did Big Brother say anything? Nope.

Will Aaryn be reprimanded for her bold use of the hot shower? Probably not. Why didn't Big Brother call her into the diary room right then and there? I guess I just don't understand why it is that BBUS refuses to uphold it's rules sometimes.

I may eat may words, but I doubt very much that Aaryn will be penalized in any way for her hot shower.

UPDATE: Someone informed me that Elissa did the same thing recently. Ugh. Why even have the "Have/Have Not" if BB doesn't make them stick to the rules? No wonder people are volunteering to be Have-Nots. It's a worthless aspect of the game right now.

Thoughts? And if Aaryn were to be penalized for using the HAVE shower, what should her punishment be?

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