Big Brother 11's Natalie Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Big Brother 11 Natalie Gives Birth to Son
BB11's Scrappy Natalie and her newborn son

It's a Big Brother baby kind of year!

Natalie (Martinez) Majeran is the latest former Big Brother houseguest to have a baby, she gave birth to a beautiful son this past week.

Natalie says her little man could hold his own head up after one day, and he has his father's eyes. She posted on Twitter, "He has my nose and my lips, but my husband's eyes. At least for now because he has changed so much already from when he first came out."

She adds that her husband has been a lifesaver and is taking an active role as a parent. "My hubby is such a huge help and with all the pain I've been in he has been taking care of him [the baby] the most. I couldn't do this without him."

Congratulations to Natalie and family!

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