Amazing Race Season 23 Cast First Impressions

The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Pic
#TAR Season 23 Cast Photo
Wow, summer went by fast, which means it's almost fall, and almost time for Survivor 27 and The Amazing Race Season 23. We already know who is going to be on Survivor, but the new Amazing Race cast was just announced today, so here's our first look. It premieres on September 28, 2013 on CBS.
The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast 2013

Brandon Squyres and Adam Switzer
Age: Both 34
Hometown: Chico, Calif.
Occupation: Contractor & Eco Friendly Farmer
Connection: Childhood friends

My First Impression: These guys look like they stepped right off Duck Dynasty, or a hippie commune. With so much amazing attitude packed in one pic, you can guarantee these two will be the source of much entertainment on this season's Amazing Race.
Most Likely To: Be uber resourceful, try to score weed in Europe.

The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Photo

Allison "Ally" Mello & Ashley Covert 
Age: 22 & 25
Hometown: Los Angeles
Current occupation: The NHL's L.A. Kings Ice Crew Girls

My First Impression: The token blonde hotties who, for their sake, hopefully won't be sitting on those thumbs this race. The one on the right is the dense one.
Most Likely To: Get lots of face time with the cameras, flirt when in trouble.

The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Pics

Hoskote Venkatesh & Naina Venkatesh
Age: 60 & 27
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, Calif.
Current occupation: ER Doctor, Fitness Instructor
Connection: Father/daughter

First Impression: I think dad will be cool, and very patient, but I get the feeling Naina might be a crier, a mega drama queen, and a spoiled brat.
Most Likely To: Sabotage their own game.

The Amazing Race Season 23 Cast First Impressions

Rowan Joseph & Shane Partlow
Age: 56 & 47
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Current occupation: Both Actors, Producers
Connection: Theater performers. They call themselves the "Queens of Bingo."

First Impression: Fun and fabulous!
Most Likely To: Sing & dance their way through the Amazing Race, which for them will only be a couple of episodes. I give them 3 tops.

The Amazing Race Season 23 Pics Cast

Leo Temory & Jamal Zadran
Age: Both 26
Hometown: Los Angeles
Current occupation: Entrepreneur & CEO of Z.I.G.(Zadran Investment Group)
Connection: Cousins

First Impression: Self made men who are fit, smart and absolutely will have the drive to win. I think they may also be a little sneaky...
Most Likely To: WIN

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Pic

Chester Pitts & Ephraim Salaam
Connection: Former teammates
No clue why, but this is the only info TVGuide has on these two. Racists!
(Yes, I'm kidding for those of you with no sense of humor.)

My First Impression: Their smiles suggest they will get through this race with a positive attitude, no matter what is thrown their way.
Most Likely To: Suck at directions.

Amazing Race 23 Cast Pic

Jason Case & Amy Diaz
Age: 33 & 29
Hometown: Attleboro, Mass. & Providence, R.I.
Current occupation: Owner of a Snowplow Company, Social Media Manager
Connection: Dating

My First Impressions: I want to like Amy, but my gut tells me she'll be the new Vanessa (Season 20).  Jason is adorable, but I have a feeling it'll be Amy who wears the trousers.
Most Likely To: Be the couple who annoys us with all the arguing.

CBS Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Pic

Nicole "Nicky" Getz & Kim DeJesus 
Age: 27 & 32
Hometown: Kansas City & Troy, Mich./ Chicago
Current occupation: Both Baseball Wives

My First Impressions: Gold diggers.
Most Likely To: Separate themselves from the other teams, hate the blonde L.A. girls.

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Pics

Timothy Sweeney & Marie "Reebs" Mazzocchi
Age: 32 & 29
Hometown: Morristown, N.J.
Current occupation: Sports Marketing, Fitness Trainer
Connection: Exes

My First Impressions: What an asshole pose he has. That smirk, the popped collar, I promise this guy's a douchebag.
Most Likely To: Be the ones we love to hate.

Amazing Race Season 23 Cast Photo

Tim Wiyninger & Daniel "Danny" Merkey
Age: 26 & 25
Hometown: Cordell, Okla.
Current occupation: Oilfield Plant Operators
Connection: Best friends

My First Impressions: I sense some attitude in this pic, and lots of confidence.
Most Likely To: Play sneaky, dirty and will do anything to get further in the game. Pretty sure they'll go far, if not win.

The Amazing Race S23 Cast Pic
Nicole & Travis Jasper
Age: 39 & 43
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Current occupation: Married ER Physicians

My First Impressions: These are the kind of people you want to have as your doctor, because they appear to be genuine and warm. Of course I'll be rooting for them since they're in my age group...
Most Likely To: Be the team everyone likes & gets along with.

Are you excited for The Amazing Race Season 23? What are YOUR first impressions?

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