Big Brother 15 Amanda Fights With Elissa, Plays Dirty

Big Brother 15's Amanda Fights With Elissa
BB15's Amanda Zuckerman torments Elissa Slater
Big Brother 15's Amanda has gone off the deep end and is trying to get Elissa Slater to self evict from the show. Amanda spent all day Sunday trying to make Elissa's life hell and it's pretty obvious by now, Amanda plays dirty. Why is she getting more vile and nasty as the time goes on? Because she can't control Elissa, and I think she is so jealous of her she can't see straight. But that's just me.

Amanda is trying like hell to break Elissa down, but Elissa is holding her own and has been striking back with her own dose of venom. However, Amanda got just plain low down dirty on Sunday when she played this nasty little prank on Elissa.

Big Brother 15 Amanda Fight Elissa Condom
Big Brother 15's Amanda places a condom on Elissa's photo

4:42PM AUG 25 CAM 2
Amanda goes into storage looking for anything to use for a prank. She finds the condoms and pantyliners/ She sings, "Condom wrappers! And the pantyliners..."

She hums an evil tune on her way to the Memory Wall. She places the condom on Elissa photo while singing something about "shoving a condom..." and I couldn't decipher the rest. "Granny wants everyone to..." the feeds cut to FISH.

Big Brother 15 Amanda Fight With Elissa
What's grosser than gross..?

4:46 PM AUG 25
Live feeds return. Amanda is in the kitchen putting hot sauce on the pantyliner. She wants it to look used. She is still humming some creepy song. "Mmm...that looks yummy," she says as she prepares the pantyliner for the cruel joke.

Amanda rubs the hot sauce in the pad and says, "Nice yummy pad," as she makes her way to Elissa's room. She goes to Elissa's dresser and sticks the pantyliner on it. "Stick it on there real good," Amanda whispers. "Mmm gorgeous," she adds before leaving.

5:17PM AUG 25
Amanda grills McCrae on why he's been outside all day. She says he hasn't witnessed her "professional acting skills" (the New Year's Granny bit). 
McCrae replies, "I don't want to be around it." You can tell he is nervous, he has a nervous smile. He starts eating his hands again.
A minute or so later they head back to their messy room. They pass Elissa's dresser and Amanda proudly shows it to McCrae.

Big Brother 15 Amanda Fight Condom
The Big Brother15 "pigpen" room
Elissa is called to the diary room, but she is in her HOH bed with headphones on. She's sleeping and can't hear Big Brother. Amanda is so excited to harass her that she runs out of her filthy room and to the kitchen where she awaits Elissa to come out of her HOH room. 
The feeds go down. FISH return.

LOTS of fish Sunday with Amanda freaking out. Lots of drama too. It starts around 2pm Sunday, August 25, and continues throughout the day. 

What do you think of Amanda's rampage? 

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