BBUK Safe House Turns Dangerous

BBUK Safe House Twist
Safe House Twist!

The BBUK 2013 Safe House isn't "safe" anymore.

This past week the BBUK housemates chose two people to enter the Safe House. They chose Sophie & Sam.

In the Safe House, housemates have been treated like royalty, with champagne, delicious food and desserts, comfortable beds and the ability to toy with their housemates. But all that changed this week with a nasty twist as a part of this season's "Secrets & Lies."

Big Brother told the housemates Sophie & Sam would be safe from nominations this week, which was a lie. Instead, both Sophie and Sam will be up for eviction in the BBUK house. Adding to the twist, Sophie & Sam had to choose one other housemate to join them in the Safe House this week. They chose Dan, and yes, he will also be up for eviction this week.

How will Sophie, Sam & Dan react when they find out about the twist? You can bet Dan will take the news the hardest, and will likely be even more of a paranoid nut than usual. Not to say that I don't love him though. But if he lays low, I think it will be Sam who is evicted. He's not adding much to the house right now and Sophie is simply too well liked to be voted out by the public. Sorry Sam, but I think your time is up. At least we won't have to hear about that expanding winky anymore.

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