BBUK 2013: Daley's Girlfriend Katie on BOTS

BBUK: Daley's girlfriend Katie speaks out

This week on BBUK 2013 we've watched as Daley and Hazel's showmance blossomed into a heated romance. We've seen some dirty dancing, long loving gazes, numerous hugs and a near kiss.

Although Daley insinuated to Sophie that he and his girlfriend Katie put their relationship on hold before he went into the house, Katie says otherwise. And as you can imagine, she's crushed by Daley's relationship with Hazel.

Daley's girlfriend Katie went on BB BOTS (Bit on the Side) after Tuesday's show and told her side of the story to Emma.

Regarding Daley & Hazel she said, "It's horrible. It's confusing. Most people who know him are confused. It makes me feel sick. I feel like I don't know that person anymore." She added that it is "heartbreaking," to watch on television.

Does Daley's girlfriend think he is really into Hazel?

"I genuinely think he really likes her," she said. "I know him very, very well. I know his eyes and his body language, and it was ME he used to look at like that. But now it's her."

BBUK 2013 Daley's Girlfriend Katie on BOTS
Daley's girlfriend Katie sobs
At one point Katie breaks down, sobbing. That just sealed Hazel's fate I do believe!

What are Katie's feelings toward Hazel?

"She's like, I dont know. If that was me, and a guy with a girlfriend was being like that with me, I would 100% runaway. Back away..."

Do you think this will cause Hazel to be the one to be evicted Friday - and not Wolfy? Because it's sure looking that way..

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