BBUK: Daley on Bots Talking About Hazel Incident

BBUK Daley On BB BOTS, Bit on The Side
Daley explains his side on BB BOTS (BBUK)

Daley made an appearance on BB Bots (BBUK) after his shocking removal from the game earlier this week. Emma spoke with Daley about the incident in the Safe House where he became aggressive with Hazel thereby breaking the Big Brother house rules.

BBUK fans didn't get any closure with Daley, he was never evicted and never gave a post eviction interview, but Emma spoke with him on Bit On The Side to get his perspective of things as they happened.

When asked if he had watched the footage after his removal from the house Daley said he had. He apologized if he had been offensive to any woman watching. He would never hurt or disrespect a woman. He also took full responsibility for his actions and understands why BBUK kicked him out of the house.

Daley admits he was a bit drunk that night, and partially blames the alcohol for his actions. He says he just wanted to go to sleep and Hazel's "play fight" simply got out of hand. He also admitted to being very anti-social in real life, and he says the Big Brother house "changed" him. Daley literally choked back the tears as he spoke about it.

As for Hazel, Daley sounds like he's over her. Pretty sure he's still bitter about her saying she felt threatened by him. When Emma asked about Hazel, Daley said he wasn't willing to waste his breath saying her name. He did say that he wants people to decide for themselves what  to think of Hazel.

As for his girlfriend Katie, it sounds like their relationship is still up in the air, and Daley doesn't expect her to take him back.

Daley seemed genuinely distraught over the situation and I believe he truly regrets what he did. Do you agree? Also, many BBUK fans have said they think Hazel should have been kicked out of the house too, being as she instigated the entire incident. I agree with them. She seemed to continually egg him on, adding fuel to the fire, not returning his stupid covers. She's a game player, and girlfriend was testing him, she just didn't know how far she was going to push him. Or did she?


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