BBUK 2013: Gina & Dexter Wreak Havoc in Safe House

Gina and Dexter in the BBUK 2013 Safe House
First off, I have to apologize that I haven't been keeping up on my BBUK 2013 coverage, I've been out of town for the past week and was behind on episodes, but I'm all caught up now. I'll be honest, I am enjoying BBUK more than BB15 (US) this year, the cast is better and the twists are fantastic.

Speaking of twists, what a fricking awesome one we got from Big Brother on Friday!

Last week Big Brother UK revealed that instead of a double eviction, it was a double FAKE eviction. The public voted on the two housemates they would like to see stay in the game, and enter the BBUK Safe House. Those two housemates were Gina & Dexter.

Of course these two are great entertainment in the BBUK 2013 house, but also I think they have grown on the fans. Gina, who we couldn't stand in the beginning and nearly went home week 1, is now a favorite in the house. Dexter also appeared snobbish and vile at first, but really we've learned he's quite sensitive. I think he's actually a lonely person who isn't used to being loved on the outside. I mean, did you see him sob when he learned the public saved him? My heart melted for him. Never thought I would say that...

After being "evicted" both Gina and Dexter made their way to Big Brother's Safe House, which is much like when Spencer and Heidi had their hideout on Celebrity Big Brother (UK) earlier this year. Lots of delicious things to eat, champagne, luxurious bathtubs, toiletries, and of course, headphones and a TV screen to monitor the other BBUK housemates! This week they have the power to replace a nominee with the housemate of their choice....ooooh!

This week's noms:

  • Wolfy
  • Charlie
  • Callum
  • Hazel

One of Gina & Dexter's discoveries has been the budding romance between Hazel and Daley. Since I don't watch the BBUK live feeds I wasn't aware how much these two have bonded, ever since Daley spelled out on her palm, "I Like You."

BBUK 2013 Safe House Twist
Hazel Homewrecker?

Dexter, and especially Gina, are bothered by Hazel's intense flirting with Daley. Gina, because Daley has a serious boyfriend on the outside, and Dexter because I think he has a thing for Hazel.

Hazel is throwing herself at Daley, sinking her meathooks into him, hugging him constantly (usually while wearing a bikini or something skimpy) and I swear she poses seductively whenever she is sitting next to him. She is using every ounce of her sexual prowess to get his attention. And she's got it.

I think Daley is torn, and although it seems he's prevented things from progressing any further between the two (until that dancing bit), he's also said and done things that his girlfriend will surely be pissed about. If he still has one, that is.

Daley did mention to Sophie that the relationship between he and his "girlfriend" was put on hold before he went into the BBUK 2013 house, but you can bet the girlfriend didn't expect THIS.

It's funny how the public loves Gina & Dexter and has turned on Wolfy. Ever since she got cocky, saying that she thinks she is going to win, the public have turned against her. Now instead of chanting her name, they're chanting, "Get Wolfy out!"

I too have grown tired of  Wolfy's ways. She gets really weird when she feels cornered. Worked up, loud, crazy eyes. And yeah, that spitting is just gross.

Who are your favorite BBUK 2013 housemates in Week 3? Have your opinions changed about anyone in particular?

I'll be honest, the more that time goes on Gina & Dexter are becoming my favorites. Particularly Gina, she's kind of a badass and I love it. Is it weird that I'd almost like to see a showmance between these two?

On the other hand, Hazel, who I used to love, rubs me the wrong way now. I don't respect the choices she is making regarding Daley, and I think she needs to simmer down.

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