BBUK: Daley Kicked Out Of The Big Brother House!

BBUK 2013 Daley Kicked Out Dazel
BBUK 2013: Daley Kicked Out, No More Dazel
For a couple of weeks now Daley and Hazel have been flirting immensely and the sexual tension between them became greater and greater. Things heated up quickly between them, but after a late night "play fight," Daley found himself in trouble with BB and he was kicked out of the Big Brother UK house.

Here's what happened:

Daley and Hazel were in their beds in the Safe House when Hazel pulled her usual, "gimme a hug," line. It seems to me she usually uses this when she is trying to seduce Daley, and she absolutely insists he must hug her. So as they're in bed, Hazel says it. "Give me a hug."

When Daley mutters and stays tight in his bed she eggs him on. "Are you going to be that rude? Give me a hug!"

"Why should you have the demands?" he responds.

"Rawr, rawr, rawr, rawr, because I'm the ****ing woman!"

"I think you're  ****ed, it's 2013," Daley says, obviously challenged by her aggressiveness.

"Be respectful, give me a hug!" Hazel continues.

"It's 2013, mate," Daley holds steadfast. 

They continue and eventually a seemingly fun pillow fight ensues with Hazel hovering over Daley in bed, the two exchanging blows. Hazel hops off the bed and Daley slaps her rear. She squeals and rips his covers off. They're both laughing...

...until Hazel won't give back his covers. "Where the ***'s my cover, now?"

Hazel lays on top of both her and Daley's covers. He comes over and smacks her butt again. Hard!

BBUK 2013 Daley Kicked Out Of Big Brother House
The moment after the second butt slap

"That's so rude, I can't believe you smacked my ass like that!"

"Give me my ****ing cover."

"Get off my bed."


"What, do you want to see me go mad now?" Daley says. He's standing on top of her bed, looking down at her.

BBUK 2013 Daley Kicked Out Of Big Brother
Hazel still refuses to return his covers
"You should go now," Hazel says. "Do you remember what I said the other day?" asks Daley. "If I go mad, it's ***ing scary. It doesn't mean I'm going to hit you, but it's scary sh*t."

"Go for it, " Hazel says dangerously.

"Get the f*** off my cover," he demands. He's still standing over her. Suddenly Hazel pops up and rips his shorts down to his knees. "Woooooh!" she squeals.

"You ****ing bitch, I swear to God you ****ing bitch," he says as he struggles to pull his shorts up. They're both laughing.

"You ****ing wanna play that game?" Daley approaches her bed again.

"You gonna go crazy on my mother ****er?" Hazel laughs.

"You're gonna try and pull that shit down on live TV? How dare you, you mother f***er." Daley's tone turns onimous. "How ****ing dare you. Mother****er, give me back my cover now."

"What did you just call me?"

"Mother***er, give me back my cover now," he repeats.

Hazel gets back to the subject at hand. "Hey, how about we do something sensible and resolve this friendly with a hug." Daley takes his covers. He is standing over her and he leans in toward her. "Ahhh, see, it's not so hard is it?" Then he crouches over her. "Let me tell you something little girl..."

He whispers to her, "Have some ***ing respect for your elder, cause if you don't, I'll finish you."

"I think I'd finish you quicker." Hazel replies. She sits up, still being flirtly.

"What way are you talking about?" Daley seems seriously baffled.

"It's okay, I'm not afraid of aggressive men."

"Pipe down now, go to sleep, do you understand?" Daley puts his hands around Hazel's neck and forces her head to her pillow. "Don't *** with me, do you understand?"

Big Brother comes over the speakers, "This is Big Brother. Will Daley come to the diary room."

Daley is shocked. Hazel gets out of bed and moves across the room to a chair. "Before I leave, did I say anything offensive?" he asks Hazel.

"No. No, I just, they probably wanna just talk to you."

Daley goes into the diary room. Big Brother asks him to explain what just happened. He says it was a "play fight" and that he probably swore too much. "Daley, as you are aware, Big Brother does not tolerate aggressive behavior or language."

"Aggressive? I'd never be aggressive to her. Just play fight, it doesn't mean anything."

Then Big Brother calls Hazel to the diary room. She tells them she had never seen that side of Daley before, and that he was getting too close, and was aggressive. She says she felt cornered and threatened. "I don't know where it came from," she added.

The next day Big Brother calls Hazel back to the diary room. She is given a formal warning for pulling down Daley's shorts and smacking his ass. Then Daley is called to the diary room. Big Brother reads a transcript of Daley and Hazel's "play fight" back to him. Then BB tells him, "Big Brother believes you took it too far and your behavior became threatening towards Hazel. Hazel also confirmed last night that she felt threatened. She told Big Brother, 'I don't know where it came from. Friendly banter, to feeling a bit cornered and threatened. He was too close and a bit of an aggressive manner, I don't know if he intended it.'"

"Big Brother deems this behavior to be unacceptable. Big Brother cannot permit behavior which may cause harm and offense. And unfortunately what happened between you and Hazel could easily cause harm and offense. Big Brother, therefore, has no choice but t remove you from the house immediately."

Daley is stunned. He says he would never be aggressive toward ANY housemate and he can't believe people would see it that way. Then he rips into Hazel, calling her "devious" and a "liar."

Do you think BBUK 2013 did the right thing by kicking Daley out? Do you think Hazel really felt threatened? Quite an explosive ending for the couple who, well, were doomed to end this way. Don't you think?

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