BBAU 2013: Married Twist, Divided House

BBAU Married Twist, House Divided 2013
BBAU 2013: Arranged marriage and a halfway house

It's a crazy time of year for hardcore Big Brother fans, there are not one, or even two, but THREE Big Brothers airing right now. BB15, BBUK, and here comes BBAU 2013!

Big Brother Australia premieres tonight, and after watching last season, my first BBAU, I am hooked. Pretty much same goes for BBUK, LOVE it.  (Everything is better than watching BBUS this season. Ugh.)

So what does BBAU have in store for us this season? A bizarre twist and a house divided - literally.

Let's start with the house, then let's move onto the MARRIAGE Twist...

The 'Halfway House' is a part of this season, and it's not somewhere you'd like to be. Housemates who are in the halfway house must depend solely on the 'Safe House' (the nice side of the house) for food. All the furniture is tiny, there is no hot water, no basic necessities.

Watch the BBAU housemates enter the house for the first time in the video below. Housemates each chose a key to enter the house, did their key get them into the Safe House - or the Halfway House?


So what about this supposed 'Marriage Twist'?

Here's the deal, two new housemates will enter the house, and, according to Big Brother, will be married LIVE on the show. Both are good looking twenty-somethings who seem to be very independent.

Does BBAU really mean they are going to be legally married? Probably not. But they will most likely be "married" in the house. Maybe that means they will play as ONE housemate?

Watch the sneak peek video of the marriage twist:

 For those U.S. and Canadian residents wondering where to watch BBAU 2013, you can watch it here on YouTube after episodes air. (It airs in the middle of the night this side of the world.)

Will you be watching Big Brother Australia this season?

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