Wil Heuser Does a Mean Elissa Slater!

Wil Heuser as Elissa Slater on BB15
Um, liiiike...
Big Brother's Wil Heuser is making good on his promise to make a video every week throughout the BB15 season. Thank you, Wil!

This week he's back with Episode 5 of The #BB15 Saga.

Wil spoofs McCrae & Amanda's birthday striptease, and Elissa, for the way she talks. Love her or hate her, you gotta admit, like, that is exactly the way Elissa, like, talks. But the part of this video that REALLY had me rolling was Aaryn and her Klan of supporters, doing the wave and other synchronized dance moves.

Check it out, and visit TheWilShow.com for more BB15 awesomeness!


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