BB15: Did You Make #TheList?

BB15 #TheList Twitter Bullies
Anonymous person creates #TheList of naughty #BB15 Tweeters

Watch out what you say, you might just end up on #TheList.

Every single season, Big Brother 15 fans are at each other's throats for some reason or another, and the comments and fighting on Twitter/Facebook can get downright nasty.

This season someone (an anonymous person no doubt), has created a new website that calls out alleged BB15 "bullies" on Twitter, based on their experiences (I assume). The anonymous person created #TheList, as it's now known on Twitter, of people that should be called out and publicly ridiculed for pissing said person off. So if you visit their website, there is an actual page with a long list of Twitter handles of people in the naughty corner. This list changes, and the order of names changes as well. I think the top spot of the day goes to whomever is the most hated at that moment.

There are other pages too. One page is dedicated entirely to @MissCleo_BB15, others have various screenshots and rants about the BB15 fans who have ruined the lives of the houseguests who have lost their jobs due to their ignorant comments this season. Most notably, Aaryn. I think it's pretty obvious an Aaryn fan created the site. I'm getting a feminine vibe from the person as well.

I'm not going to link the website here, but if you are curious about #TheList, just go to Twitter and search the hashtag. It'll keep you busy for awhile. Maybe grab a cocktail or a sammich.

What do you think about #TheList? Is it funny? Ridiculous? Are you happy with it? Mad you didn't make #TheList? 

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