BB15: Racist Remarks Discussed On The Talk With Julie Chen

BB15 Racist Remarks On The Talk
BB15's racist remarks discussed on The Talk

Big Brother 15 has been swirling with controversy after numerous houseguests (particularly Aaryn and GinaMarie) have made racist remarks while inside the BB15 house. The hate speech has been heard repeatedly on the Big Brother 15 live feeds, and many fans wondered if CBS would address the racist remarks, or if they would simply turn a blind eye. But after watching the July 7 episode where Aaryn was exposed for her comments, we see that CBS is at least willing to bring the controversy to light.

On Monday Big Brother host Julie Chen addressed the controversy on The Talk. Thanks to BB Feed Spoilers on YouTube, you can watch the discussion online in case you missed it.

Opening the show Julie says, "Now, my personal Twitter feed has been going crazy with people asking me to respond. Not only am I going to respond, but we're going to talk about it right here, right now, on The Talk."

Julie admitted that the Asian comments made by Aaryn were the ones that "hit her the most." She adds, "It stung. I took it personally. You know, I'm a human being. The really sad part is it took me back to the 70s when I was growing up in Queens and when I was 7-years-old, getting bullied, being called a chink and people pulling their eyes."

Sharon Osbourne chimes in saying Aaryn is 22-years-old, and you might expect to hear those comments from someone from her generation, because that's the way it was back then. But to hear a 22-year-old do it, there must be "a lot of problems going on with that young girl."

Sara Gilbert says she was most offended by the black comments, and added that she is happy CBS aired Aaryn's comments because she thinks it's "good for people to see it and let these people deal with the consequences when they get out of the house."

Aisha Tyler made a good point saying that Aaryn says most of her racist remarks under her breath, in secret. And if she says those things out loud, just what is she really thinking inside? Worse things?

Kudos to Julie Chen and The Talk for bringing the controversy to the forefront and for addressing this sensitive subject. They did so in a professional manner and had some fantastic points. It will be interesting to see where it all goes from here, and I can only guess it is going to be downhill for those houseguests who continue to make such ignorant remarks.

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