BB15: How Should Big Brother Handle Racism?

BB15 Big Brother Racism
Big Brother racism is rampant, thanks to Aaryn Gries, devil.

You don't need me to tell you it's been the craziest first couple of weeks inside the Big Brother house EVER, and last night after Nick's eviction, the house was turned upside down (including Candice's bed) after the power shift.

The BB15 live feeds were insane. And yes, Aaryn continued to display mind blowing, vile behavior. Read my recap of the drama here.

Amanda, on the other hand, put the little Aryan in her place by revealing her secrets to Kaitlyn and Jeremy. It was fantastic to watch, perhaps the single best moment in Big Brother for the past two seasons. Aaryn got what was coming to her, at least from Amanda, and it was just a taste of what she has waiting for her outside of the Big Brother house.

I'm not sure CBS and Big Brother quite know how to handle this situation, so they have been treading lightly. But what I think they really need to do is take a note from Big Brother UK, who knows how to deal with such situations.

We all know that racism has been prevalent inside the BB15 house, but as fans of the game I'd love your ideas on how CBS should handle racism in the future.

My opinion is this, BB15 should take notes from BBUK. Now, I am still a bit of a newb when it comes to BBUK, but the way they deal with this sort of controversy is ... they nip it in the bud. In fact, on BBUK this season there was a small issue with "racism" but it didn't even come CLOSE to what is happening inside the Big Brother house on this side of the pond.

Jemima, a 42-year-old cougar in the house, told other houseguests that she likes dark men, but not black men. That she doesn't find them attractive. Some of the cast were offended, and Big Brother immediately took action. Jemima was called into the Diary Room and given an official warning.

The great thing about this is that BBUK reminds her of the rules, stating that she was warned about this sort of behavior before even entering the house.
LESSON: Big Brother US should make it clear, before the show even begins, that hate speech will not be tolerated. 
Jemima is called to the DR to be warned. Her diary room session consists of Big Brother having her explain herself, then a warning is given. "Jemima, do you understand how this language could be unacceptable to either your fellow housemates or to the viewing public?" Big Brother asks her. (Yes BBUK has both men & women as the BB voice.)

"Big Brother does deem this language to be unacceptable and potentially offensive. Big Brother does not tolerate this unacceptable language and therefore is issuing you with a formal warning. If you repeat this sort of language again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house." -BBUK

This DR session is then aired for the viewing public to see. It's not a hush-hush secret between the houseguest and Big Brother.

Watch for yourself:


Now, I personally didn't feel Jemima had done anything wrong, I don't believe she is racist, nor do I believe she meant to offend or hurt anyone when she said it. This all happened a few weeks back, before ANY of the Aaryn racism crap had emerged on BB15.

At the time I thought BBUK was overreacting. But now that I have seen the racism on Big Brother 15, I absolutely think what they did was the right thing. They put an end to it immediately.

Another thought, Big Brother Australia had The Naughty Corner last season and it was amazing. A punishment room, viewable to everyone. Where houseguests are called on their Big Brother infractions.


So tell me, BB15 fans, what would you like to suggest to CBS to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future?

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