BB15 Racism Controversy: Julie Chen Says Aaryn is "Ignorant"

Julie Chen on The Talk, Says Aaryn is "Ignorant," "Immature"
Julie Chen is still talking about the BB15 racism controversy on The Talk, and she's fired up. On Monday Chen and co-hosts once again briefly discussed the hate speech displayed by the Big Brother 15 cast members, mainly Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman. Yes, Zimmerman.

 Thanks to GTPTA01 on YouTube:

"So Julie, what the hell is going on in the Big Brother house?" 
"I'll tell you what the hell's going on in my head right now!" Julie responds. "First of all, my heart is pounding. Am I the only one who feels so enraged? I'm like, shaky. I mean, that's the third time I've watched that clip and it does not get any easier."

"I really dislike that person, " Aisha Taylor chimes in. She's talking about Aaryn. Julie continues,
"I think it shows us all that in 2013 race is still a deeply, deeply personal issue. It is so extremely hurtful and unless you have ever been on the receiving end of it, you simply so not know what it's like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. And Aaryn, in my opinion, has no clue what it's like being on the receiving end. I think she's ignorant, I think she's young, I think she's immature. I hope she watches that and is as appalled as we all are."

I still get angry watching Aaryn's "whatchoo gonna do gurl?" taunting at Candice. Funny how Aaryn is much nicer this week now that her ass is on the line. I cannot WAIT to see Julie give Aaryn the third degree when she's evicted from the Big Brother 15 house. I'm sure the Chenbot will find a way to verbally destroy her.

No All Stars for Aaryn, such a shame.


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