BB15 Chat: Missy & Spicy Talk Big Brother!

BB15 Chat Missy Spicy Big Brother 15
BB15: Missy & Spicy Dish on the Latest Big Brother Gossip
Missy and Spicy are back with another episode of BB15 After Hour Party, where we talk about everything to do with Big Brother 15 and the live feeds. Lawd knows we're not short on material with this cast!

This week Missy & Spicy talk about Elissa, can she be saved somehow? Will production find a way to save her, or has she been given her last lifeline with her second MVP?

Nick, what do we think of him, and is there a chance of him going home this week?

Jeremy and Kaitlyn, just WTF.

How will the Big Brother family (former BB players) receive members of the new cast once they leave the house?

ALSO -  Besides the awesome BB15 fans who called in, TWO former Big Brother houseguests called in to chat about the past week's events. Cowboy of Big Brother Season 5 and Shelly Moore of Big Brother 13. What does Cowboy have to say about Judd not liking him? And who does Shelly think is most likely to learn from their mistakes in the BB15 house?

Take a listen! 
  • 24:00 - 35:30 Michael "Cowboy" Ellis of Big Brother 5
  • 52:40 - 71:00 Shelly Moore of Big Brother 13
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