BB15: Nick Evicted, Fights Erupt!

BB15 Nick Evicted
BB15 Nick Evicted - #MomSquad Prevails!

What a CRAZY live eviction episode it was on Big Brother 15 Thursday night! And what an even crazier time on the BB15 live feeds afterwards! More racism from Aaryn, fights, crying, it was farking insane.

I loved it.

After Nick was evicted is when it got REALLY exciting....

7:10PM: GinaMarie sobs for hours over Nick. It was pathetic. "Two years, I haven't felt like that. And I'm 32-years-old," she cried over and over. She blew her snotty nose on a piece of clothing repeatedly.

BB15 Nick Evicted Week 2
Gina Marie looking for a clean place to wipe

10:53 Camera 3 

Candice: "I know somebody got one more time to flip my bed and it's gonna be all hell in this house."

The bitches turned her and Howard's bed over.

Snapping her fingers and mimicking what I presume is suppose to be "a black person," Aaryn responds, "Whatchu gonna do, girl?" Then she adds, "Do something, do it right now."

"I wanna see it right now," Aaryn continues. Still snapping her fingers.

BB15 Nick Evicted Week Two

While Candice goes about her business Aaryn snaps, "Well then don't talk. And first of all, I wouldn't get in your bed anyway with all them crabs."

It escalates with Aaryn pulling no punches. GinaMarie barks in the background like a pissed off Yorkie.

Howard walks in. He witnesses Aaryn talking "ghetto" to Candice, and he calmly tries to persuade her to leave the room with him. The mean girls keep on taunting so he slams his hand on the wall to get Candice's attention.

GinaMarie is suddenly in Candice's face yelling, "Whatchu gonna say? Whatchu gonna say?" Then she says, "What, you want the BLACK to come out?" Like her black side was going to come out. So I take it she meant that as her "bad" side? I am so over these vile people.

BB15 Nick Evicted Fights
Trash vs. Class

Howard then grabs Candice and literally carries her out of the room. He tries to calm her down, they talk for awhile in the Have Not room. She is livid that they girls flipped the bed, but she still wants to sleep in it. Howard, on the other hand, wants to find somewhere else to sleep because he doesn't like the verbal B.S.

"They can be ugly like that on TV. We ain't gonna be like that," Howard says.

He also points out that if they were to sleep in that bed they wouldn't sleep well because they'd always be waiting to hear something. Wise words really.

They talk about the racism they have faced in the house. From the black & white fish comment, the Shaniqua comment, etc. Their conversation was touching. He is such a sweet man, and he was so reassuring to her. I felt for them both, being a white woman I have never felt what it's like to be taunted like that. This old hardass actually teared up watching the two of them.

Both are class acts.

BB15 Nick Evicted Week Two

AMANDA vs. AARYN - Camera 3, 11:09PM

Amanda walks in where Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Aaryn are hanging out. She says she wants to clear the air. You can tell she is riled up!

She tears into them, telling them they all talk about each other behind their backs, and that they've all been a bunch of See You Next Tuesdays to everyone in the house. No wonder they all turned on you.

"They're picturing you on the show VERY RACIST," she says to Aaryn. "Everybody knows! I was questioned, everyone's been questioned....."


But lucky for us the conversation continues. Amanda lays into Aaryn, telling her that Big Brother has asked them all about Aaryn's racist comments. Aaryn says she never said anything racist. Amanda says, well then, they won't be able to portray you as one. Obviously she was being sarcastic.

More fish.  

Amanda rips into Aaryn after Aaryn makes her feel like everything she said is either a lie or an exaggeration. "If you're gonna out me for sh*t I didn't say, I'm gonna out all yours." And she does.

Amanda discloses to everyone (Kaitlyn, Jeremy) that Aaryn wants Kaitlyn out of the house, that she bitched about Kaitlyn's clam juice and the ruined bikini, that she has a final two deal with Jeremy. Zzzziiiinnnnggg!

Amanda, I freaking love you.

What a night! What are your thoughts about this crazy episode and the insanity that followed? 

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