BB15 Mean Girls: Who Do You Want To See Evicted?

BB15 Mean Girls Big Brother 15
Whose "comprinisation" skills will send them packing?
The three "mean girls" of BB15 are up for eviction this week - who do you want to see walk out that door on Thursday night?

After America was given the power of MVP this week Elissa was nominated, along with HOH Judd's nominees Aaryn and Kaitlin. Whether or not it was due to Elissa fans thinking they were voting her for MVP, not as a nominee, or whether Elissa haters actually banded together to get her nominated, is up for debate. Elissa came through though, and won POV, taking herself off the block. GinaMarie was the replacement nominee, again thanks to America.

So we have the three "Mean Girls," as they've been dubbed by the BB15 community. Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Funny how their twatty attitudes have simmered down since they lost their "Chief".

Which "mean girl" do you want to see go home this week?

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