BB15: McCrae's Birthday Party Ends In Tears

BB15 McCrae's Birthday Party Big Brother Live Feeds
BB15 Birthday: McCrae getting flogged by Amanda

The Big Brother 15 houseguests celebrated McCrae' birthday Saturday night with a special little tease from Amanda, Spearmint Rhino style.

From the Big Brother Live Feeds:

11:42 PM CAM 3- Amanda dresses up as a "slutty dominatrix" (her words) and slips into a black one-piece bathing suit, black heels, huge earrings (Candice's) and dramatic makeup. Amanda primps and she looks super hot, admit it, she's got sex appeal. GinaMarie makes a flog out of a wooden spoon.

Big Brother 15 McCrae's Birthday Party BB15
The wooden spoon flog

11:55 PM CAM 3- Amanda is adjusting the top of her bathing suit with the help of Elissa. Afterwards Elissa says, "Guys, I'm not trying to be mean to anyone who likes one pieces, but I could not do it."

Kind of a bitchy thing to say. I mean, think about it. If you were standing there in a one piece and some other female said that, and she had a banging body, how would you feel about that? Like a dumpy one-piece bathing suit wearer. Whether Elissa meant it as a diss to Amanda or not, that comment hurt.

"Well, if I had a body like you I wouldn't even wear a f***ing bathing suit," Amanda responds. This is why I love Amanda, she makes me laugh.

A few minutes later Elissa is talking about how it's the sexiest Big Brother ever. She tells Amanda she looks like Eva Mendes. Then she says, "I do way naughtier things for her husband."

Amanda responds, "Do you wear one-pieces? Scandalous!" Then Elissa jokes about wearing a jumpsuit in bed, and even a costume. "I'm gonna have to put on a Santa costume to get THIS hot."

"Why am I sweating? It's hot in here," Amanda ignores the banter, continues primping for McCrae's birthday tease. Elissa says, "Because you look like you're working at the Spearmint Rhino."

Elissa's face right after the Spearmint Rhino comment, it made me lol

"I'm going to take all of your insults as compliments," says Amanda.

11:59 PM CAM 3 - The group heads upstairs to the HOH room where McCrae is waiting. Amanda turns to Aaryn and asks, "Was she just being really nasty or am I just drunk?"

McCrae's birthday party begins. The BB15 houseguests restrain him and Amanda enters the room. She gives him 24 kisses on his stomach and chest. Then he lays down and gets 24 spankings with the handmade flog. Everyone seems to be loving it. They all sing Happy Birthday and the party is over as quickly as it began.

Amanda seems drunk. She's slurring a little. I think the drinks she chugged before the party hit her about this time. Elissa says the white furry pillow behind her makes it look like she has angel wings. "Yeah, that's what I am," Amanda responds. She admits she's feeling a little embarrassed by her tease for McCrae now.

Soon after Amanda leaves the room and heads to the bathroom with Aaryn. She cries. She's upset at what Elissa said to her earlier, and for Elissa saying "gross" when someone suggested McCrae lick whipcream from Amanda's body."If I see that, I will vomit. Not to be mean but that's gross!"

Basically, Amanda's drunk and being overly sensitive, but Elissa was probably being a bit catty, let's be honest. That, or she doesn't think about what she's saying before she says it.

BB15 McCrae's Birthday Big Brother

On Sunday1:30PM Cam 4 - Elissa and Amanda talk it out. Amanda admits she was hypersensitive and Elissa says she never meant anything to hurt Amanda. "I have a weird thing about food," Elissa says about the "gross" comment. And all is well once again. Blame it on the alcohol..

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