BB15: Kaitlin Barnaby Evicted

BB15 Kaitlin Evicted Big Brother 2013
Bye bye, brows!
The first of the three BB15 "Mean Girls" was sent home on Thursday as the fourth person evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.

Kaitlin Barnaby was sent packing the week after her BB15 boyfriend Jeremy McGuire. Sorry kids, you didn't make jury, and we're all thrilled.

During Kaitlin's eviction interview, Julie Chen asked some pointed questions. Kaitlin, who looked like she was trying desperately to hold it together, dodged them all.

Julie informed Kaitlin that BB15 fans had dubbed her, Aaryn and GinaMarie as the "Mean Girls." Kaitlin responded with, "That kind of hurts. I'll admit, I aligned with some catty girls."

Birds of a feather, whaaaa...? 

But of course she was nothing but sweet the entire time. Riiiiight. She was a total snizzatch the first few weeks of the game. After Jeremy was evicted she suddenly became Suzie Sunshine. I guess she's only a mean girls when in packs.

Julie then talked about Aaryn and how she is sort of the leader of the Mean Girls. She mentioned Aaryn flipping Candice's bed. Then she asked Kaitlin, "Why participate in ugly behavior?"

I loved this question.

"I think it definitely rubbed off on me. I think it showed characteristics that aren't necessarily mine."

No remorse, no acknowledgement, instead, denial...and blaming the others. The ugly behavior did not rub off on Kaitlin, but I know something that did.

When Julie asked Kaitlin if there was a future for she and Jeremy, she said, " I'm going to Vegas...he can do what he wants."

She's taking her damn ball and going home, Julie.

Kaitlin, who must not know much about Big Brother, kept saying she can't wait to see everyone again during "finals." Um, this isn't American Idol, honey. If it were though, you definitely wouldn't be going to Hollywood.

Final pearls of knowledge from Kaitlin: "This game turns some people into bad eggs, but what can you do?"

What did you think of Kaitlin's exit interview with Julie? Will you miss her?

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