BB15 Racism: Julie Chen Talks To TMZ

Chenbot: "I don't know" if Aaryn should have been fired for racist remarks

Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen and her husband Les Moonves (President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS) were spotted out and about Hollywood by TMZ. The couple were kind enough to stop and talk to photogs about this season's BB15 live feeds controversy.

Normally TMZ wouldn't bother with Chen, I mean, she's certainly not tabloid material, but since BB15 and Aaryn's racist remarks are a VERY hot topic right now, they hunted her down, probably as she was either arriving at, or leaving, a restaurant. Chenbot doesn't cook, silly.

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Julie reaffirmed much of what she said on Monday's episode of The Talk where they discussed the BB15 racism controversy, and but when asked if she thought Aaryn should have been fired from her modeling jobs she replied:

"I don't know. I don't know that she's famous enough that someone would associate her face with those comments. I don't know."

Do you think it was fair for Aaryn to be fired because of her actions on the BB15 live feeds? Or do you think it was taking it too far?

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